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Who am I?

I always wanted to work with computer graphics, they always fascinated me. Eventually, my dream came true, and I have been working in this industry for the last nine years.

In this job, everything is changing constantly, and you can't stop, you must keep on moving, keep on learning, experimenting witg new technologies, new software, or just new ways of getting crazy things done. Along these years I have learned, I have met some amazing professionals, I went through better and worse moments, and today I can say that I still love what I do and I want to make great things.



Product Lead

Experience working using agile methodology: Creating user stories, gathering requirements and prioritizing tasks (Jira, Phabricator, Trello). Using this methodology in the right way will reduce risks by helping everybody in the team to be in the same page, and having the required information. Experience planning roadmaps for short-term projects and CI/CD projects

New technologies consultant

This last years I have being part of many innovative projects, involving some of the latest technologies. At this point, I am able to help you find what solution fits best for your company using this kind of technologies.

Risk manager

Capabilities for identify and avoid though the experience most of the risks that could happen in a innovative project. Sometimes problems cannot be avoid, and being able to find a quick and out of the box solution is a plus.

Team leading

During this last 8 years leading a developement team, I've learned that this role is not only about distributing tasks, but about helping the members of the team to get their best, help them to see problems they may not identify so they will be able to solve them by themselves next time.

Experience as a teacher

Sharing what I know about Mixed Reality in U-Tad.

Understanding the bussiness

Experience working with different clients, different departments, and different types of project.



Unity Game engine

10 years of experience developing interactive and multi-platform applications and games.

Mixed reality developer

8 years creating apps for the different VR and AR platforms.

Programming skills

Using different languages with fast adaptation (C#, C++, Python, Java, Objective-C, Javascript, PHP).

WebXR developement

Mixed reality in web browsers is one of the next big things avoiding the user the installation of a new app. (Playcanvas, ThreeJS, Babylon, ...)

3D Modelling notions

Understanding of 3D concepts, basic 3D modelling skills. (Maya, 3D Max, Blender).

And much more

Software applications are tools, I am not afraid of taking any challenge, and find the best way to solve it, using new software and hardware tools.



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